Monday, July 16, 2007

Flash Player

Flash Player is the important software for you to watch video on your browser.

Adobe's latest version of the Flash Player browser plug-in is just as trouble-free as previous versions, existing unobtrusively in your system until Web-based animations, games, or ubiquitous Flash ads require its services. The latest version, with its tiny size, downloads and installs quickly. Our tests turned up nothing to make us scratch our heads. In one odd occurrence, at one site viewed with Internet Explorer we were prompted to install Flash Player 9 before viewing a video file--even though we had already done so and used it at other sites with no difficulty. We experienced no similar oddities while using Firefox.

You need a Flash Player to experience the Web at its fullest, so users at any level of expertise should have no qualms about installing or upgrading to Flash Player 9.

Winzip Software

King of compression

This venerable tool packs plenty of features for simple compression needs, along with superior security tools for advanced compression and backup-file management. You can run WinZip using the optional Wizard interface for a step-by-step guide to easy compression, or you can use the classic interface to set file and folder compressions to your specifications.

You also can change the view to a Windows Explorer format, making it easy to navigate your hard drive when creating a compressed archive. The AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption method provides excellent security for your files, with the option for both 128-bit (lower-level) and 256-bit (higher-level) security. We like the flexible drag-and-drop support, allowing you to drag files to and from the interface which zips or unzips them automatically.

We also like the contextual menus (right-click) that enable you to perform most of WinZip's functions on the fly, including complex tasks like zipping a file and automatically attaching it to an e-mail for quick delivery. Overall, WinZip is among the best compression programs available, providing all the features necessary to create easy backups, compress e-mail files, and manage downloaded files from the Internet.

You can download it by click HERE

Download Accelerator

The download accelerator software is the best tool for you to downloads any files. Though this download manager is free, using it will cost you. Free Download Accelerator does help speed up multiple-program downloads, but the program design and lack of features make it a middling choice among many other freeware options.
The program interface is plastered with banner ads and can't be resized. What's more, every time you start a download, a small dialog window pops up--which we found annoying while testing multiple downloads. Unlike other programs, Free Download Accelerator doesn't work with your browser but requires you to transfer file links to a Clipboard. Automation options are few; the only feature we found is that the program shuts itself down after completing its scheduled downloads. Overall, this is only a basic program among many other useful freeware options in the market.

You can download it by click HERE

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Great Anti Spyware Program

Ad-Aware SE Personal Edition 1.06

Great Anti Spyware Program!! First of all I like the interface its nice and can be maximized, to get a better view of it. Click on scan now and it gives a choice, to do a quick scan or a full system scan. I used the quick scan and on my computer it found 18 critical objects. Two were infected registrys that had a tac rating of three. The other were tracking cookies, that had a tac rating rating of three. Before it removes the 18 critical objects they go to quarantine section. Then I have to go to the quarantine section to delete the 18 critical objects. Also the scan is not slow because it only took 4 minutes, to finish the scan on my computer. I give Ad-Aware five stars and recommend Ad-Aware SE Personal.

Lavasoft's malware protection holds the crown in my books. It is easy to use even for beginners, due to its automatic updating and simple automatic malware removal. I highly recommend paying for the "Professional" version - the Ad-Watch component is usually able to stop tracking cookies and the likes before they are situated on your computer. The amount of malware I detect when scanning after browsing behind the unobtrusive Ad-Watch component is about half as much as when browsing without it.

Try it.. and you won't regret it

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